Feel the beat, feel the passion, let the music lead you…..

Music Beats Ltd is an exciting musical umbrella company set up to inspire and educate musicians and performers at all levels. It was created by Cate Drake (formerly Cate Cadman). It incorporates existing projects, such as:

Just Sing – Woodborough’s famous Community Choir;

Just Perform – Youth Musical Theatre Project;

as well as Cate’s private music tuition services – flute, sax, piano and theory.

It will also develop exciting new education initiatives to inspire the next generation of musicians and performers. This is what makes Cate get out of bed every morning!!!

Please click the tabs above to explore each individual project, and feel free to email me for any enquiries: cate@musicbeats.uk

Check back on the website regularly for more information – we are still growing….this is just the beginning….